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S&P Global Market Intelligence

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, we know that not all information is important—some of it is vital. Accurate, deep and insightful. We integrate financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive and industry dynamics, perform valuation and assess credit risk. Investment professionals, government agencies, corporations and universities globally can gain the intelligence essential to making business and financial decisions with conviction.

S&P Global Market Intelligence is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI), which provides essential intelligence for individuals, companies and governments to make decisions with confidence. For more information, visit www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence.

Forward-looking is the key to navigate credit downturn. Criat specializes in it. We are a fintech spin-off from the National University of Singapore, providing Data-Driven Credit Analytics to financial institutions for risk and investment management.

We produce accurate and daily updated credit measures, feed into tools, dashboards, and reports to streamline daily work and empower decision-making with actionable insights. Our proprietary, new-generation credit analytics are backed by decade-long world-leading research and collaborations with top-tier financial institutions across the US and Asia.

– The new home of industry-shaping businesses MarkitServ, Traiana, TriOptima and
Reset, OSTTRA (www.osttra.com) brings the expertise,
processes and networks together to solve the post-trade challenges of the
global financial markets. OSTTRA strengthens the post-trade infrastructure and
ecosystem with robust and progressive end-to-end post-trade solutions and
unrivalled connectivity.

As a leader in analytics, SAS has more than 40 years of experience helping organisations solve their toughest problems. Our unrelenting commitment to innovation enables the financial services to modernise and sustain a competitive edge. SAS provides an integrated, enterprise-wide risk-management platform for managing risk in an organisation, from strategic to reputational, operational, financial or compliance-related risk management. Learn more about how SAS is driving innovation and business value for risk and finance professionals at www.sas.com/risk.

Cassini Systems is a leading provider of pre-trade and post-trade margin and collateral analytics for derivatives market participants.

Buy-side firms can leverage the intelligent margin analytics platform to monitor, optimize and ensure transparency on their margin, achieve collateral liquidity and efficient utilization, lowering the carry cost of derivatives.

Cassini’s platform provides the only complete front-to-back solution covering margin, collateral, and cost analytics for all classes of cleared and uncleared over-the-counter derivatives, futures, and options. It integrates into post-trade collateral management, treasury, and risk systems – enabling clients to bring post-trade cost analytics into the pre-trade process. Cassini is also integrated into key asset management platforms to facilitate leveraging analytics with little implementation overhead.

Cassini services have a proven track record of enhancing portfolio returns at every point in the daily business cycle, empowering traders and portfolio managers to analyze instantly in the pre-trade stage the all-in, lifetime cost of a transaction. Top-tier hedge funds, asset managers, and global banks rely on Cassini for powerful, flexible, automated tools to manage their portfolios of over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives products. Cassini was named Best UMR Service of the Year in the Risk Markets Technology Awards 2022 and the Derivatives Technology Provider of the Year by the 2022 GlobalCapital Derivatives Awards. For more information, visit www.cassinisystems.com

Numerix is the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology applications and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management. It drives an open fintech-oriented digital financial services market. Numerix is uniquely positioned in the financial services ecosystem to help its users reimagine operations, modernise business processes and capture profitability.